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Child Check

FREE Developmental/Autism Screenings through

Lifesteps Child Check Service

Services for children and families at Lifesteps include our foundational program, a FREE developmental/Autism screening called Child Check.

Beginning in the 1980s, this program has provided thousands of families with information on their child’s developmental progress. The service guides families to necessary resources when delays are detected. Community support through individual donations, foundation grants, and United Way contributions help to sustain this FREE service. Screening is available in Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, Indiana and Lawrence counties.

Lifesteps Believes All Children Should be Screened

Recognizing early warning signs of childhood problems, having proper developmental screenings, and taking steps to ensure the right services are in place can have a profound effect on a child’s ability to reach his or her fullest potential. Lifesteps believes that ALL children should be screened beginning at birth to be sure they are developing according to age-appropriate developmental benchmarks. View Child Development Milestones

Child Check Developmental Specialists use nationally designed tools to test a child’s development in key areas that include hearing, seeing, talking, playing and social skills. Testing is done in a quiet and private environment. The screening results are shared immediately with parents or caregivers, as well as education on developmental milestones. Children can be screened from birth through age 5.

Autism Screenings are also available for toddlers 18 months to 5 years of age. The American Academy of Pediatrics urges early screening for Autism Spectrum Disorder.

A screening appointment can be made by calling Lifesteps' Child Check team at 1-800-225-2010 or by contacting Lifesteps.  Check out the Child Check calendar for Community Screening locations and dates.

Funding for Child Check is provided by United Way Agencies in Armstrong, Butler and Indiana County; Beaver County Children and Youth Services; private Foundations and contributions to Lifesteps' Family Caring Fund.


Learn more about Lifesteps Child Check Services.

In a Mother's Words...

"[My son] has become the young man he is today because a member of Lifesteps’ Child Check team took the time to screen him properly."