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Pre-Kindergarten (Preschool) Scholarship Program

Before a child’s first day in Kindergarten, he or she needs a strong educational foundation to prepare them for their entire school life. Unfortunately, many families may not be able to afford a preschool program, limiting their child’s advantage when he or she enters Kindergarten. Through Lifesteps’ Pre-Kindergarten (Preschool) Scholarship program, corporate donations can provide opportunities for eligible children to get quality early education to support the child’s lifelong learning.

In Pennsylvania, local businesses can donate to Lifesteps, a qualified preschool program, and receive a tax credit of up to $200,000. These funds are contributed to Lifesteps to help support children in their Pre-Kindergarten (Preschool) Education.

Lifesteps offers partial scholarships to qualified children in full-time or part-time preschool through this program. Scholarships are offered for Beaver and Butler Early Education Centers. Eligible students must be 3 to 5 years of age, resident of Pennsylvania, and be a member of a family that meets household income limits. Click here for a full list of eligibility criteria.

Now Accepting Applications

Lifesteps is accepting application for the Pre-Kindergarten (Preschool) Scholarship!
Click here for the application.
Click here for a full list of eligibility criteria.

Business Honor Roll

Farmer's National Bank of Emlenton

Northwest Savings Bank

Snyder Brothers, Inc.

A special thank you to the Business Honor Roll for providing opportunities to children through the Education Improvement Tax Credit.