Adults with Special Needs Services

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Services for Adults with Special Needs Overview

Since 1980, programs and services for adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities have been provided with core values of dignity, respect and compassion for those served.

The Agency strives to earn the trust of individuals and their families and loved ones by providing the highest quality care and life assistance to help individuals live to their fullest potential.

Lifesteps believes that individuals have a right to choice and individualized care. Direct Care Professionals foster independence in activities of daily living enabling individuals to live in a less restrictive environment. Staff take pride in promoting integration into the community so consumers may live as independently as possible. Direct Care Professionals are skilled and committed to the individuals Lifesteps serves.

Lifesteps provides adult care services through Adult Training Facilities, Residential Living or Community Homes, and Life Sharing or Family Living services throughout western Pennsylvania.

In a Sister's Words...

"We know [my brother] is cared for and treated with respect and kindness. Warm, caring people! Couldn't ask for anything more."

Provider of Adult Waiver Services